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Device description

Skorpion 350 SDB chipper is the most technologically advanced mobile drum chipper offered for municipal and roadwork companies, as well as companies operating in the forest sector. Due to its high processing capacity (maximum diameter of shredded branches is 25 cm), it well proves itself when grinding tree trunks and extensive branches; the chipper throat is 375 mm wide and 340 mm high.

The chipper is equipped with a wood intake system comprising a toothed roller built into the arm, pulling and pressing the wood (roller diameter: 380 mm) and a loading table with a toothed track 750 mm long, preceded by a manually folding loading hatch. Such a solution allows easier loading of wood, making operators’ work more efficient and increasing effectiveness. The roller and track are propelled by a system of hydraulic engines from a hydraulic pump mounted on the chipper.

As a standard, the chipper can smoothly adjust the feeding speed of wood for shredding within the cutting range of 5 to 28 mm. Such a solution allows small chip to be produced, which after processing on hammer mills can be used for production of briquettes or pellets, whereas thick chip is an ideal material for heating purposes or for sale for industrial purposes.

A sectoral system of 2 cutting knives on the drum (a single cutting per one full rotation) guarantees that the chipper has high capability in relation to the load on the drive system. A sieve around the drum with openings of 30x30 or 50x50 mm guarantees the production of regular chip in G30 and G50 standard.

Chip is taken from under the sieve by means of two screw conveyors to a propulsive fan and ejected by it through a propulsive pipe. The propulsive pipe is embedded on a screw turntable by means of which one can easily manage the chip ejection process at a 360° angle range. The propulsive pipe is folded during transport.

The chipper drive system includes a four-cylinder, turbo-charged compression-ignition engine by Kohler or Hatz (power 74.8 HP) which meets the latest exhaust emission standard - Stage V. The engine is cooled with liquid and covered with a hood in standard. This chipper is equipped with a mechanical adapter (disk disengaging clutch) whose task is to transmit drive from the engine through a belt transmission to the cutting drum, relieving the engine crankshaft and allowing smooth activation of the chipper drive. The chipper can also be propelled by a Yanmar engine, model 4TNV98T (power 84 HP) or Fiat model FTP F32MNTX20 (power 88 HP); however, this depends on the exhaust emission standard binding in a given country.

The safety of the chipper operator is ensured by a pull-wire safety switch, which by pulling the cord in any direction makes the hydraulic feeding system stop. The system is unblocked by pressing the “Reset” button; next, in order to return to the chipper work cycle (intake of material), one presses the “Forward” button. The feeding system is also stopped by pressing the “EMERGENCY STOP” button.

The Skorpion 350 SDB chipper has received European approval enabling registration of the machine and approval for road traffic. The chipper structure is embedded on a single-axle chassis, equipped with an overrun and parking brake, as well as a towing device under the ball bolt or towing eye. In the form of a special trailer, the chipper can be quickly moved between different places.

The chipper is equipped with LED road lighting.

Standard equipment includes the electronic No-stress system, which automatically prevents the drive system from overloading by temporarily stopping the feeding system. The editable software of the No-stress anti-loading system allows one to change the machine operation settings in a simple manner and to adapt them to individual needs. The program “thick wood”, “thin wood” enables one to quickly change the chipper work mode to adapt to the currently shredded material and to make the chipper work more effectively.

Chip from wood waste may be used for many purposes, energetic and industrial, or even for decoration.

Purchase of Skorpion 350 SDB is the optimal solution for companies and businesses which  develop their business in a modern and environmentally friendly direction.


Technical details



Overall dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 4250 (4860)* x 1990 x 2530 (3360)*
Weight [kg] 2470
Branch diameter [mm] logs up to 250
No of knives (depends on drum version) 2 cutting + 1 counter-knife
Feeding speed [running meters/min] up to 21
Chipping capacity [stère meters/h] up to 16
Width of chips [mm] up to 28 - depends on material
Way of feeding toothed roll and hydraulically driven feeder track
Screen [mm] 30x30 or 50x50
Drum diameter [mm] 520
Hopper dimensions (width x height) [mm] 375 x 340
Engine model KOHLER KDI2504TCR
Engine cubic capacity [cm3] 2482
Power of engine [hp] 74,8
Type of cooling liquid
Type of fuel diesel
Fuel tank capacity [l] 60
Start-up electric
()* - dimension after the loading table is unfolded, during operation.


Standard equippment:

  • Hour meter
  • Rotary ejectin tube 360°
  • Deflector
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • No-stress system



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